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Why do we love reading?

Books teach nice and speak correctly. Books really work wonders with our speech. No source is not able to penetrate into the human consciousness as deeply as it does book. It does not force us to learn new words. It just provides information, generously seasoned with emotion. A vivid emotional coloring facilitates memorization. Take, for example, a child who has just mastered the basics of the native language. You can repeat it a hundred times a new word, and he forgets his hundredth time. But it is one in the hearts curse, and the kid would be happy to again and again to repeat it "bad" word. The secret is in the emotions. They awaken interest, focus attention, and as a consequence, facilitate memorization. Therefore, a much higher chance to remember new information, if you meet her in an interesting book, what you hear from another source. But it is not only unfamiliar words earlier. The heroes of the books speak. And if a competent high-quality work, they say the characters beautiful and literate language. You read with enthusiasm, and the subconscious mind puts itself on the shelves of expression, and outputs them as needed. No wonder Voltaire said, reading authors who write well, you get used to speak well. Therefore, if your profession requires you to work with Word, you definitely need to make friends with a book - your faithful companion through life. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sapiente voluptatem distinctio neque, a, id debitis tenetur aspernatur? Natus, voluptate alias.

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